group exhibition
A discourse, an exhibition, a celebration, perhaps also an opportunity to experience an order that exists but could also be different. Diskursthek is a show in dialogue with the exhibition '13 Years DaDaDa Academy' at Kunstraum am Schauplatz.  
It emerges in a process that realises itself simultaneously as inclusion and exclusion, in which the boundaries of the order of discourse leave space and time for the excesses of the extraordinary, the unheard, the unspeakable, in which the letters themselves become the plastic means of a peculiar strangeness of language and thought.

Guest artists: Marco Bernardi, Annalisa Macagnino, Emanuele Mascioni, Luigi Puxeddu, Mirjana Rukavina, Zoran Skrobanovic, Martina Vanda. Curated by Ilari Valbonesi.

Mirjana Rukavina, The Necklace (left), Discothèque (right), aquarelle on paper, 21 cm x 29,5 cm, 2022
Diskursthek, Kunstraum am Schauplatz, Vienna, 2023
Mirjana Rukavina, LV, from the series Fashion Untitled, 2020
Mirjana Rukavina, installation view, Kunstraum am Schauplatz, Vienna, 2023
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